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Who We Are

 We are GETS is a foundation that sets the trajectory for sport to play a winning role in achieving global sustainable development objectives.


Our Vision

We envision a world where people, communities and natural environment thrive.

Our Mission

We strive to enhance sustainable development efforts in sport for sustainability outcomes to the world.


Our Agenda

Through our mission, we seek to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to undertake sustainable development efforts, to work together, and to enhance a healthy and active living with greater social and ecological responsibility. 


Advocacy of active and sustainable living is part of our actions and we strive to pass sustainable lifestyles through sport to the next generations.


Our action plan emphasizes the establishment of new foundations that would harness the power of sustainable sport to advocate active and healthy living, socially and environmentally responsible habits for all.

Our Core Values


Advancement with investment in education and research and encourage everyone to be able to self-perseverance and personal development.
Continuity of our beliefs and actions, passing our philosophy to the next generations and they will pass it on to the next in an unlimited continuation of sustainable living.
Integrity is the reason for our existence and guides our purpose; though sincerity, honesty and being genuine we are driven by the truth and strong moral principles.
Respect for the future generations and the natural environment, with intergenerational equity.
Make Responsible plans and take responsible actions that enhance spiritual, mental and physical health;
that improve people's well-being & quality of life.
Service to other people, to our communities, to the natural environment



  • We advocate engagement with physical activity, exercise and sport participation.

  • We seek to cultivate people's pro-social and pro-environmental consciousness.

  • We encourage organizations and industries to adopt a socially and environmentally responsible culture and to optimize sustainable development efforts through sport services.

  •  We aspire to the establishment of foundations that would represent specific sports to address sustainable development and promote social equity and ecological preservation to their communities.


What We Do

Strategic Initiatives


Strategic Initiative #1. Involve with active sport participation and consume responsible products and services to achieve good health, well-being, and control overproduction. 


Strategic Initiative #2. Undertake socially responsible practices and involve in community service to reduce poverty, inequalities, hunger to allow accessibility in quality education, clean water, and sanitation and to improve quality of life.


Strategic Initiative #3. Adopt environmentally responsible practices to control human-induced climate change and preserve life on land, below water, and air quality.

Strategic Initiative #4. Advocate for foundations that embrace sustainable development through sport to build global partnerships and sustainable communities that enhance decent work, economic growth, and innovation in the sport industry. 

Strategic Plans


Course of Actions

Plan #1

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Tactics that we use to implement the Strategic Initiative I

Plan #2

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Tactics that we use to implement the Strategic Initiative II

Plan #

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Tactics that we use to implement the Strategic Initiative III

Plan #4 

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Tactics that we use to implement the Strategic Initiative IV

How We Strive 

We plan upon the social and environmental sustainability frameworks to achieve well-being outcomes at the personal, social and ecological levels. 


Our Uniqueness

We are focusing on the progression

  • Encourage everyone to talk about them

  • Inspire leaders to inspire their followers about sustainability adaptation practices

  • Educate ourselves to educate others

  • Explain the reason for the problems

  • Research solutions about them

  • Create sustainable strategies

"In the past, there was ignorance. The future is uncertain. 

The time is now."

A Message from Stavros

I envision a world that does not need protection. I envision a world that nature and people thrive. As an educator, it is hard not to get discouraged. The current state of the natural environment is even more sobering. Climate change, habitat destruction, species depletion, rising sea levels, pollution, mental and physical health problems, and the list goes on. Teaching about the formidable challenges can seem daunting, overwhelming, and, at times, simply hopeless. And despite our best efforts, things just seem to be getting worse. I want to leave Earth a better place than I found it. A question that has truly inspired was indicated by Simeon Ogonda, a youth development leader from Kenya: "Many of us often wonder what kind of planet we're leaving behind our children, but few ask the opposite: what kind of children are we leaving behind for our planet?"

As an environmentalist and sportsman, I want to respond, and at the same time encourage Generation Z to embrace the natural environment, including all human and non-human living things, spend time in nature and play outdoors. Our future society should be lead by individuals who will adopt an Earth-Centric Leadership Style, where the bonding between people and nature will start from early childhood. Essentially, the educational system should be "naturalized" as an antidote to urbanization. 

Stavros Angelos Triantafyllidis

Stavros | Chidren of The Light.jpg


It's meaning.

The circle illustrates the way that people, nature, society, culture, and experience are interconnected.

Sustainability is a personal choice
It's about embracing a sustainable living and pass it on to the next generations
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